How to use Promotional USB Flash drives to market your business

Marketing is all about being creative. You need to ensure your giveaway promotional products is in sync with your marketing and target audience. Choose unique and practical gifts for your clients. In this technological era, customized USB flash drives would work out wonderfully especially if branded with the company’s logo, taglines, memos or colors.

To achieve successful promotions, consider the following marketing tactics:

  1. Take USB flash drives to your brand exhibitions and distribute them. Pre-load the drives with all your company prose; articles, catalogs, data sheets and white papers. Promo attendees normally throw away booklets and advertising catalogs before going back to their homes, but it’s more probable that they’ll hold onto your promotional custom USB drive. This is an eco-friendly solution.
  2. When making any business descriptions, use the flash drives as a dissertation. For instance, when you’re using PowerPoint presentations during your convention with prospects; make use of your branded flash drive; plug it into your personal computer. At the end of the assembly, unplug the device and give it to one of the prospects. Let them be informed that on top of the presentation, there are other essential files on the flash drive. Don’t forget to incorporate a link that automatically redirects to your company’s website.
  3. Direct mail campaigns. Create a comprehensive target list for potential/ and prospective customers. Send promotional USB drives that have been pre-loaded with your company’s information to them. Include a private note in the device informing recipients of the amazing benefits of plugging in for incredible savings. On the other hand, you could pre-load a file that exhibits images of your latest work; this initiative could work perfectly for photographers, contractors, web designers and interior decorators.
  4. Distribute your company’s business cards alongside the promotional USB drives. After promo events, business cards could easily get dumped. The flash USB devices may be noticeable. Let people know that what you’re offering them isn’t a blank drive. Include some attractive messages that will draw them towards your business.
  5. Use USB drives to share your business prose with new employees. These devices offer an environmentally-friendly means to provide new employees with all the necessary information they should know regarding the job you’re offering them; like holiday schedules, handbooks or any other policy documents.
  6. Make use of flash drives in your continuing employee training exercise. Such devices are incredibly resourceful for enterprises with numerous offices/segments. You can decide to send the promotional items to the various branches with all instructional materials or rather give every employee his/her own personal copy.
  7. Formulate reliable frameworks that will enable your potential and prospective clients to mingle. Distribute custom flash drives pre-loaded with your current and past projects; they will serve as testimonials to your old and emergent clients. By doing this, you’ll depict your company’s transparency and reliability.

If you carefully observe these guidelines, be sure to improve your brand’s visibility; which in turn will boost your business’s growth and success.




Promotional power banks are useful and effective

When you’re carrying out your daily tasks or working in the office, realizing that your battery is about to go flat is very disappointing. In this technological era, having flat batteries especially when not expected could make one feel stranded for lack of access to important information and news updates.
If you really want to obtain a long-term solution to this problem, then you have no choice but to consider the amazing reimbursements that promotional power banks can bring. These valuable devices are astonishingly easy to operate and are really handy; make it possible for you to maintain the constant activity of your electronic devices. Since they’re capable of charging anything- from laptops and GPS systems to smart-phones- power banks will always guarantee you all-time online connection.
Following the incredible popularity of these amazing gadgets, numerous commercial businesses use them for their diverse promos. They make perfect giveaways for both employees and clients. If you’re planning to buy a personal power bank or a bouquet for promotional functions, then you should certainly learn deeply about their accessible features. By doing this, you will be in a position to choose the finest designs. Below are essential tips you should always keep in your mind.

Output Current: Which devices are going to be powered? Consider the power demands for all the electronic devices that will be plugged into the power bank. This will enable you to settle for the right amp intensity of the power bank. When the gadget bears small output intensity, it implies that its charging rate is quite slow. Also, remember that stumpy output current may not generate enough power to charge bigger devices like laptops, especially if the power bank is being used. If you intend to charge bigger items, be sure to settle for high output intensities.

Standby Time: Other than the intensity of charge, it is also crucial that you take into account the duration that the gadget can hold power in the standby mode. Sometimes you will need to use your charger over and over. And, if you realize that the gadget isn’t working when you need it most simply due to battery flattening, you could get so frustrated. Therefore, go for small, fashionable and powerful gadgets that can be recharged easily at any place. Here are some reasons that make power banks a must-have promotional product:

Lightweight and Portable: Don’t panic you won’t have to carry generators around anymore. Since customers will carry them around as they perform their routine tasks, your brand will be more visible to the whole world. It’s a fantastic way to market your products. They are perfectly fit for voyagers and busy professionals.

Capable of charging all mobile devices via USB: What you intend to charge doesn’t really matter since the gadget is equipped with a versatile USB cable. When you’re on a business trip and your battery runs flat, there’s no need to agonize.

8400 mAh Charge:  Having all this current indicates that you can fully charge a tablet and still be left with some. Giving such a practical device to your customers as a promotional gift will greatly boost your business.

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How to Select the Right Promotional Product

When you make a decision to boost your business with customized promotional items, the very first thing take into consideration should be the kind of products more desirable to your marketing demands. With the availability of numerous custom products, coming up with a perfect decision on this could be quite tricky.  Here are helpful measures that could simplify your decision-making:

Budget– For most, budget is the first thing that comes into their minds whenever they need to make any purchase. If you plan to spend about $30 per product, then most probably an imprinted metal thermos won’t be your choice. For the cheapest price per item, you will definitely land on poor quality items like pens, calendars or highlighters. And this won’t bring much impact to your brand’s visibility. Better to buy something valuable and increase your popularity.

Theme– Is what you’re giving out intertwined to any themed promo? If that’s the case then make sure that your giveaways are in line with this concept. For instance, a Christmas bash would work out better when celebrated with sweatshirts and classy snow globes.

Location– If you’re planning to distribute the promotional gifts at your inspection counter, you will certainly have to go for something small and portable. However, if the items are meant for a corporate picnic, something like beach balls would work out pretty well.

Goals/Objectives– Do you wish to spread out your message or to confine it to a small portion of people? Promotional products like pens and umbrellas get distributed quite often and are likely to be viewed by different people on a daily basis. Desk calendars, on the other hand, may be noticed frequently by your prospective and potential clients. Branded t-shirts will always remind the client of your business whenever they put it on and will also be seen by other people they meet with. Take into account the advertising approach you wish to use and be certain that your promotional product goes along with your business goals.

Target Audience-When your target audience is huge, settle for promotional items with a greater appeal, something like customized coffee mugs, would be quite handy. Conversely, if the items are targeted towards a particular group, you will need something focused on their specific needs. For instance, if the convention you’re attending is likely to have many mommy bloggers, custom diaper bags may advance your visibility above that of your contender’s light-up lanyards.

Competition– Which items are your business competitors likely to give out in their brand promos? If you’re conducting a technological exhibition and you feel like many other companies will be giving out USB flash drives, desist from joining the horde. Instead, choose something unique and valuable for your company’s promo.  If it happens that you’re the only firm offering USB-powered vacuum keyboards then you may catch the attention of many potential clients who wouldn’t have noticed your booth at all.

Keep in mind that a unique item cannot be easily forgotten by potential customers. And reflects an outstanding reputation for your company.

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How to use promotional logo products for your next event

Events are brilliant ways of exposing your business to a wider audience, boosting your brand profile and creating more personal relationships with your current and potential customers. However, competitors and distractions can divert your potential customers’ attention elsewhere .Therefore, you will need to up your game if you want to raise your company‘s brand above your competitors and create a long-lasting positive image.
And here is where promotional logo items come in! They will help you attract more prospects as well as passers-by, presenting crucial information relating to your business brand in a brilliant way.
If you are planning an event, branded promotional products should not miss in your plans. They are integral in actualizing an effective marketing strategy. However, it’s important that you ensure that your products are relevant, consistent, and appealing by addressing the following key issues:

  • Will your promotional logo product cohesively and precisely work so that your company’s brand and image comes out clear?
  • Will your branded promotional item appeal to your prospective and current customers?
  • How will you integrate your important contact information with your marketing message?
  • How will you get a unique promotional logo product?
  • Is your item’s production within budget requirements?

Choosing the right item can be a daunting experience. Whether you have chosen to go with promotional pens, bags, branded earphones or branded t-shits, your branded promotional item can only be effective if prospects use it beyond the event. Go for an item that is superbly designed to catch the eye of anyone in or around your show, and people will help you spread the message about your business brand!

Do Pre-event promotion Effectively
Once you know which promotional logo product you’ll need, start talking about it before your event is launched .You can use different social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and, instagram to promote your product .You can also send customized messages to high-priority customers.

Light up Your booth
It’s useless to have a brilliant branded promotional item if you do not make your booth sensational and attractive because you’ll get little or no attention at all. Think thoughtfully on how to creatively design, signage, and light it up.

Your giveaways
You’ll need to ensure that your branded promotional product is displayed well, dispersed to different locations of the event, so as to attract more and more prospects. However, just dishing your promotional items to anyone doesn’t guarantee results. Your products will be only valuable if you can make them unique, exclusive, and customized. Below are some simple ways to go about making your promotion with logo items effective:
Design simple questionnaires and have your prospects fill them out, ensuring that they provide their contact details. This will increase your marketing mailing list.
Integrate your branded merchandise when giving any prize in the contest, draw or event promotion. Again, ensure that you collect visitors’ details when ushering them into your event to increase your marketing list. Equally, light up your competition so that your promo giveaways can stand out.

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Marketing ideas with promotional calculators

Everyone loves using calculators. They have turned out ubiquitous like pens were few decades ago. It’s normal to find shoppers cuffing in the cost of different items on a calculator just before proceeding to the inspection line. Entrepreneurs also use calculators on a frequent basis. Even children schooling at elementary institutions normally carry calculators with them. Pop into any office and you will be surprised at how all desks will be occupied by logo calculators. This presents a golden marketing platform for potential companies. They get to understand how promotional calculators are relevant to their brand’s visibility; they make it possible for them to have direct contact with all societal divisions.

Numbers scurry the world. Having the ability to comprehend and maneuver around with these numbers is very crucial to the effective management of finances, either for small or large businesses. A perfect way to achieve this is through calculators. For advertising professionals, this is an ideal loophole to shun failure.

Giving out branded calculators to potential customers and prospective corporate clients are very easy! You can distribute them in schools, conferences, supermarkets, trade shows or any other promo conventions. Today’s calculators are furnished with sophisticated features. They are small and light-weighted, and can, therefore, be carried around by users when undertaking their routine tasks. They can be pocketed, backpacked or brief cased and can readily be retrieved whenever necessary. This implies that potential clients across the entire country will be in a position to notice the customized calculators bearing the company’s name, logo, and contact information. And thus, your products will be more perceptible! You really don’t have to spend junks of money advertising your brand over and over. Simply choose quality promotional calculators and you will earn a long-lasting reputation for your business, which in turn will be a buzz to your success.

Office employees are a principal target for marketing professionals aspiring to give out promotional desk accessories like calculators. Many office jobs necessitate the intensive use of such products. These mathematical tools sit on the desks since morning till evening and this offers a better view to anyone visiting the office. If the company’s name or logo is imprinted on calculators, people will certainly notice it. Again, the office employee whose desk holds the device will definitely have the business name burned deep into their subconscious memory. And, this will undoubtedly have a significant impact when they’re in a purchasing condition.

People are always attracted by familiar details. Having the business or brand name on their homes/or office desks is certain to make clients feel like they already know the company. Whenever they will want to place new orders, they will have no choice but to gravitate towards the product names already known to them. This is an incredible advertising tactic.

With promotional calculators, your advertising efforts will never go in vain. Customized calculators are very effective marketing tools, and are a must-have commodity for every company. Go for unique and inexpensive calculators that will always leave customers with the urge to come back for more.

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Tips on how to lead Innovation

There may be a time when you need to take the lead on innovation in your organization. The distinguishing aspect of leading a special-purpose team is that you’re not in control; you can only influence behavior. You’re tasked with figuring out how to do something new, so what you do in the formative stages will greatly impact the team’s chances of success. Promotional Consultant Today shares these steps to guide your success.

1. Keep team size small, even for big projects. In Silicon Valley, the “pizza rule” has taken hold. If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, your team is too big. Once a group gets beyond five to seven people, productivity and effectiveness begin to decline. Communication becomes cumbersome. Managing becomes a pain. Players begin to disengage, and introverts withdraw. When it comes to team size, less is more.

2. Pay attention to group chemistry and emotions. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon point to three factors that make a team highly functioning. 1) Members contributed equally to the team’s discussions, rather than letting one or two people dominate; 2) Members were better at reading complex emotional states; and 3) Teams with more women outperform teams with more men. The emotional component—how we feel when we are engaged with a team—truly matters but is all too often never discussed. Pay attention to how the people you’re inviting onto your team relate to others. Always give credit to your team rather than take credit yourself, and practice empathy at all times.

3. Don’t go overboard with diversity. Can too much diversity be a detriment to team chemistry? Researchers at Wharton think so. Too much diversity of “mental models” can be a drag on forward progress, say professors Klein and Lim. If members of a team have a shared, organized understanding and mental representation of knowledge about the nature of the challenge, it can enhance coordination and effectiveness when the task at hand is complex, unpredictable, urgent and novel. The researchers concluded that team members who share common models can save time because they share a common body of knowledge.

4. Establish a group process. A group without a process is like a ship without a rudder. It will have a harder time innovating. Establish team rules at the outset. Address how you’ll treat each other, how you’ll respect each other and articulate how much of time each member is committing to the team. Effective teams establish clear goals and rules at the outset, and hold each other accountable.

5. Pay attention to the 3R’s of innovation: Result, Reputation and Residuals. What motivates people over the long haul is not money, but intrinsic rewards. As the team leader, keep the three R’s in mind: 1) Result: If you hit your target, you’ll have another accomplishment on your track record; 2) Reputation: Your status in the organization rises. Senior management will be delighted. Colleagues will talk you up, praise your contribution, and invite you to join future projects. 3) Residuals: the lasting payout of participating in a successful collaborative team is that you get to see your “product” being used by customers, both internal and external. You know you’ve made a difference, solved a problem or created an opportunity for the organization, your team and most of all yourself.

Source: Robert B. Tucker is a renowned global futurist and innovation keynote speaker with a client list that includes more than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies. President and founder of The Innovation Resource, Tucker is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of innovation. Note: This article was first published in  PPAI Publications on August 26, 2016 under the title “How To Lead Innovation”. 

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Branding with promotional logo Armbands

Nowadays, marketing using promotional product is taking the world by storm. Every business is promoting its business using this promising technique to promote its brand. And for those of you who have gone a step ahead to hit your target audience with promotional armbands, congratulations! For those who haven’t, you are missing out on one of the best promotional techniques that can take your business to even greater heights. However, before you embrace this unique marketing strategy, know the following basics.

Using Promotional Armbands

Customized armbands work best in the sports as well as in music extravaganzas, but it does not stop there. You’ll see bikers, professional dancers, and much more people using these logo promotional armbands. Promotional armbands are powerful marketing tools you should adopt if you want your business to prosper. And rolling out a marketing campaign using these unique and effective marketing tools is simple .Just design a simple logo and ensures it sticks out well. This is vital since most people love simple, appealing, and unique things rather that sophisticated designs. For instance, if your armbands are uniquely designed with a simple logo, people are likely to remember and associate themselves with your esteemed company.

You can pass promotional armbands to a crowd, sell them during a music concert, or give them as a drink cover. People love armbands because they are not heavy and anybody won’t hesitate to wear them immediately .Besides, they are noticeable; a trait you’ll rarely find in other promotional products.

Tips for selling Armbands

Armbands are becoming an excellent marketing option nowadays. Customized armbands can be sold in a fundraiser or sports event .However, before selling them, think about how you’ll design them. Go for a simple design. Choose the best and attractive colors. Make them smaller. Also, remember to request your manufacturer to include your business contact details alongside your marketing message so that they can achieve the marketing motive. Above all, sell them to the right audience.

The bottom-line

Marketing with branded armbands is one of the most effective ways to reaching your customers and attract new customers. Whether you’ll want to present your logo armbands to sports enthusiasts or music lovers, your long term marketing objective can only be met if you get the best armbands to your target audience. First, go for a simple design that is easy to remember. Secondly, you’ll have to learn how to customize your product so that customers will feel part of your business. Lastly, it’s paramount that you present your promo item to the relevant people; people who have a purchasing capacity. If you’re able to accomplish all this, you’ll take your business image to the next level. Your brand will gain trust. Your potential and current customers will feel part of your business. Therefore, make the right choice today so that your marketing message will reach more and more people. Remember, you’ll need numbers to remain relevant businesswise .Don’t keep thinking, go for promotion armbands for amazing results!

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