Most effective marketing tools for 2016

According to researchers, many marketers spend around fifteen hours every week undertaking routine tasks; management of email accounts taking up to 4 hours. This, of course, is too much. Meanwhile, gathering, organizing and evaluating marketing data obtained from diverse sources consumes an additional 3.5 hours/week. It is not worth it spending such valuable time performing repetitive tasks.

You might not have the capacity to cram additional hours into the week; however, you can minimize your marketing time by adopting appropriate marketing strategies. Try the following tools and be sure to strengthen your company’s productivity.
• Buzz-Sumo: Developing your content marketing with insufficient validation of proposals is just like writing in darkness. Improper considerations lead to gibberish outcomes that will never persuade or convert your customers. Conducting useful research can take some of your time, but in the long-run you won’t have to spend any of your work-time doing it over and over. Buzz-Sumo is an online marketing tool that helps you analyze the right content for every topic. It also informs you about your competitor firms and provides you with essential tips to piggyback onto that success.
This marketing tool is a must-have accessory. Its interface is clean and instinctive. And this speeds up productivity. Feel comfortable to explore their filters and back-link features to observe the kind of sites and competitors that constantly link back to the very same content you identify. This allows you to reach customers directly and be able to share your marketing content.
• Zemanta: This tool specializes in performance-oriented content marketing. You don’t have to worry about time; Zemanta fastens the process and provides perfect recommendations, in-text advertisements, and subsidized content.
Many content marketers spend a lot of resources tapping their contact information for campaigns, but don’t optimize on performance to examine what’s actually practical. This tool gives marketers the chance to monitor their internet campaigns. The application administers the entire process for you, right from graphics testing to tweaking of bids so that you are able to achieve all your objectives.
• Canva: This tool makes it possible for marketers to design unique graphics for their business. It is fit for media images, social productions, and white papers. Drag and plunge images, shapes, and backdrops to craft professional layouts. Not only do canvas tools boost productivity, they also increase profitability. Generating relevant, well-timed content is very important in internet marketing.
• Zapier: Trying to utilize every available marketing tool will ultimately crush your business. There are surely plenty of tools you may opt to toggle between in order to streamline your business’s content marketing, however, be certain to choose the most reliable. Zapier ensures that all your favorite web apps are used to refine the automated procedure with reduced follow-up.
• Skitch: Visual content marketing converts, though it could be quite time-consuming. Meanwhile, you can dramatically boost your conversions by incorporating additional visuals to your content. You shouldn’t spend many hours adding circles, arrows or graphics to exclaim data available in your content. Skitch simplifies all these for you. With this incredible tool, application of shapes, sketches and graphics is a breeze.


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