Custom Printed Combs Ideal for Barber Shops

Business advertising is not a new phenomenon in today’s contemporary competitive business marketplace. For you to survive, you must do the extra advertising other successful business marketers do. And one of the most effective techniques you can count on is to give out branded custom printed combos to barbershops. You can attract more new clients using these advertising specialties. All you need is to ensure that they have been branded with your company’s contact detail, message, logo, and colors. Make your new customers believe that you’re the only person who can offer them with the finest goods or services in that niche. Choose inexpensive branded combs and sell or use them as giveaways with your existing marketing campaign. Follow the following simple steps to order your custom combs:-

Step#1 – Choose the right supplier for your custom combs

Look for an established supplier who specializes in personalized combs. Ensure that the supplier in question has a wide range of branded combs to choose from. Remember, a full-range agency has better selections as compared to a company that does its own printing. Experienced advertising specialty marketing people are better placed when it comes to finding deals and are usually adept at offering suggestions to make the most out of these imprinted combos when it comes to advertising.

Step #2 – Choose the right comb for your promotion

Choosing the right custom comb for your marketing is easy. You can start with understand your budget and the quantity of your initial order. Most promotional products websites offer quotations that can help with the decision making process. Promotional Combs are an inexpensive item so you can start with a small quality like 250 units and get more if you customer start liking it.

NOTE: Remember PPI offer FREE setup on all reorders. Order Custom Combs !

Step #3 – What should i print on the combs ?

As most promotional combs has a very small imprint area it is not advisable to print a large logo or multiple lines of text. We recommend to print your barbershop name and phone number. Additional a website address would be a great way to drive traffic to your website as well.

TIPS: Always ask for visual proof to confirm the printing is visible and clear. We offer free visual proof and artwork help with every order.

Step #4 – Receive your combs on time for your event

It is every important for your to discuss your event date or the date when you need your custom combs delivered. Most custom printed combs take 2-3 weeks of production time. If you have a specific in hand date most suppliers can offer free rush production.

NOTE: Our custom printed combs take 5 days to produce and we offer free rush service on most products.

Step # 5 – Start distributing your branded logo combs

Start distributing the promotional combos to your new and existing customers. You can use them alongside your existing marketing efforts. You could also offer they as a item your customers can purchase.These imprinted combos will enable you to re-enforce your authority in business by keeping your brand known by the more and more people.

Step #6 – More distribution ideas

  • Trade shows and Exhibitions: Take your imprinted combos to exhibitions trade shows or special events. These effective  giveaways are capable of  drawing  potential clients to your booth, presenting  you with a perfect opportunity to popularize your brand to new and potential clients .Here you’ll be able to pitch your offering and gather potential client’s contact  information which will go a long way in  building potential your clients’ database.
  • Other similar businesses: Offer the promotional combos to customers who own or intend to own a barbershop .Also, ensure that the client in question is going to use your item in a very visible place. For instance, give out branded combos as well as branded mirrors to well-known spas, big hairdressers and, popular barber shops. Also, do not forget to give them out in beauty contests. This will help you reach more people who’ll, in the long run, become your customers.

Step #7 – Replacing your business cards with promotional combos

Substitute your company’s business cards with unique branded combs and mirrors. Ensure that you always use them wherever you are going. For example, you can give them out during important business functions as well as in your daily business dealings with clients, important friends, and business associates. Replacing your business cards with promotional combos can yield amazing marketing results. People will get to know more about your products and services, enhancing your company’s image in the process. This unique promotional technique is capable of meriting the extra attention and will ultimately set your business apart from the crowded marketplace. Go for promotional logo combs today!

Promotional Product inc. has the largest selection of custom combs at the lowest price online guaranteed. Order your Custom Printed Combs today !


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