How to Select the Right Promotional Product

When you make a decision to boost your business with customized promotional items, the very first thing take into consideration should be the kind of products more desirable to your marketing demands. With the availability of numerous custom products, coming up with a perfect decision on this could be quite tricky.  Here are helpful measures that could simplify your decision-making:

Budget– For most, budget is the first thing that comes into their minds whenever they need to make any purchase. If you plan to spend about $30 per product, then most probably an imprinted metal thermos won’t be your choice. For the cheapest price per item, you will definitely land on poor quality items like pens, calendars or highlighters. And this won’t bring much impact to your brand’s visibility. Better to buy something valuable and increase your popularity.

Theme– Is what you’re giving out intertwined to any themed promo? If that’s the case then make sure that your giveaways are in line with this concept. For instance, a Christmas bash would work out better when celebrated with sweatshirts and classy snow globes.

Location– If you’re planning to distribute the promotional gifts at your inspection counter, you will certainly have to go for something small and portable. However, if the items are meant for a corporate picnic, something like beach balls would work out pretty well.

Goals/Objectives– Do you wish to spread out your message or to confine it to a small portion of people? Promotional products like pens and umbrellas get distributed quite often and are likely to be viewed by different people on a daily basis. Desk calendars, on the other hand, may be noticed frequently by your prospective and potential clients. Branded t-shirts will always remind the client of your business whenever they put it on and will also be seen by other people they meet with. Take into account the advertising approach you wish to use and be certain that your promotional product goes along with your business goals.

Target Audience-When your target audience is huge, settle for promotional items with a greater appeal, something like customized coffee mugs, would be quite handy. Conversely, if the items are targeted towards a particular group, you will need something focused on their specific needs. For instance, if the convention you’re attending is likely to have many mommy bloggers, custom diaper bags may advance your visibility above that of your contender’s light-up lanyards.

Competition– Which items are your business competitors likely to give out in their brand promos? If you’re conducting a technological exhibition and you feel like many other companies will be giving out USB flash drives, desist from joining the horde. Instead, choose something unique and valuable for your company’s promo.  If it happens that you’re the only firm offering USB-powered vacuum keyboards then you may catch the attention of many potential clients who wouldn’t have noticed your booth at all.

Keep in mind that a unique item cannot be easily forgotten by potential customers. And reflects an outstanding reputation for your company.

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