How to use Promotional USB Flash drives to market your business

Marketing is all about being creative. You need to ensure your giveaway promotional products is in sync with your marketing and target audience. Choose unique and practical gifts for your clients. In this technological era, customized USB flash drives would work out wonderfully especially if branded with the company’s logo, taglines, memos or colors.

To achieve successful promotions, consider the following marketing tactics:

  1. Take USB flash drives to your brand exhibitions and distribute them. Pre-load the drives with all your company prose; articles, catalogs, data sheets and white papers. Promo attendees normally throw away booklets and advertising catalogs before going back to their homes, but it’s more probable that they’ll hold onto your promotional custom USB drive. This is an eco-friendly solution.
  2. When making any business descriptions, use the flash drives as a dissertation. For instance, when you’re using PowerPoint presentations during your convention with prospects; make use of your branded flash drive; plug it into your personal computer. At the end of the assembly, unplug the device and give it to one of the prospects. Let them be informed that on top of the presentation, there are other essential files on the flash drive. Don’t forget to incorporate a link that automatically redirects to your company’s website.
  3. Direct mail campaigns. Create a comprehensive target list for potential/ and prospective customers. Send promotional USB drives that have been pre-loaded with your company’s information to them. Include a private note in the device informing recipients of the amazing benefits of plugging in for incredible savings. On the other hand, you could pre-load a file that exhibits images of your latest work; this initiative could work perfectly for photographers, contractors, web designers and interior decorators.
  4. Distribute your company’s business cards alongside the promotional USB drives. After promo events, business cards could easily get dumped. The flash USB devices may be noticeable. Let people know that what you’re offering them isn’t a blank drive. Include some attractive messages that will draw them towards your business.
  5. Use USB drives to share your business prose with new employees. These devices offer an environmentally-friendly means to provide new employees with all the necessary information they should know regarding the job you’re offering them; like holiday schedules, handbooks or any other policy documents.
  6. Make use of flash drives in your continuing employee training exercise. Such devices are incredibly resourceful for enterprises with numerous offices/segments. You can decide to send the promotional items to the various branches with all instructional materials or rather give every employee his/her own personal copy.
  7. Formulate reliable frameworks that will enable your potential and prospective clients to mingle. Distribute custom flash drives pre-loaded with your current and past projects; they will serve as testimonials to your old and emergent clients. By doing this, you’ll depict your company’s transparency and reliability.

If you carefully observe these guidelines, be sure to improve your brand’s visibility; which in turn will boost your business’s growth and success.




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