A Good Marketing Strategy?

Over the last few years I have been writing several novels, novellas and short stories, and have been learning different ways of marketing them. I am not unhappy with the results of my efforts, but realise that one of the strategies which might work quite well is very hard to accomplish. It is a reciprocal arrangement […]

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Custom Printed Combs Ideal for Barber Shops

Business advertising is not a new phenomenon in today’s contemporary competitive business marketplace. For you to survive, you must do the extra advertising other successful business marketers do. And one of the most effective techniques you can count on is to give out branded custom printed combos to barbershops. You can attract more new clients using these advertising specialties. All you need is to ensure that they have been branded with your company’s contact detail, message, logo, and colors. Make your new customers believe that you’re the only person who can offer them with the finest goods or services in that niche. Choose inexpensive branded combs and sell or use them as giveaways with your existing marketing campaign. Follow the following simple steps to order your custom combs:-

Step#1 – Choose the right supplier for your custom combs

Look for an established supplier who specializes in personalized combs. Ensure that the supplier in question has a wide range of branded combs to choose from. Remember, a full-range agency has better selections as compared to a company that does its own printing. Experienced advertising specialty marketing people are better placed when it comes to finding deals and are usually adept at offering suggestions to make the most out of these imprinted combos when it comes to advertising.

Step #2 – Choose the right comb for your promotion

Choosing the right custom comb for your marketing is easy. You can start with understand your budget and the quantity of your initial order. Most promotional products websites offer quotations that can help with the decision making process. Promotional Combs are an inexpensive item so you can start with a small quality like 250 units and get more if you customer start liking it.

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Step #3 – What should i print on the combs ?

As most promotional combs has a very small imprint area it is not advisable to print a large logo or multiple lines of text. We recommend to print your barbershop name and phone number. Additional a website address would be a great way to drive traffic to your website as well.

TIPS: Always ask for visual proof to confirm the printing is visible and clear. We offer free visual proof and artwork help with every order.

Step #4 – Receive your combs on time for your event

It is every important for your to discuss your event date or the date when you need your custom combs delivered. Most custom printed combs take 2-3 weeks of production time. If you have a specific in hand date most suppliers can offer free rush production.

NOTE: Our custom printed combs take 5 days to produce and we offer free rush service on most products.

Step # 5 – Start distributing your branded logo combs

Start distributing the promotional combos to your new and existing customers. You can use them alongside your existing marketing efforts. You could also offer they as a item your customers can purchase.These imprinted combos will enable you to re-enforce your authority in business by keeping your brand known by the more and more people.

Step #6 – More distribution ideas

  • Trade shows and Exhibitions: Take your imprinted combos to exhibitions trade shows or special events. These effective  giveaways are capable of  drawing  potential clients to your booth, presenting  you with a perfect opportunity to popularize your brand to new and potential clients .Here you’ll be able to pitch your offering and gather potential client’s contact  information which will go a long way in  building potential your clients’ database.
  • Other similar businesses: Offer the promotional combos to customers who own or intend to own a barbershop .Also, ensure that the client in question is going to use your item in a very visible place. For instance, give out branded combos as well as branded mirrors to well-known spas, big hairdressers and, popular barber shops. Also, do not forget to give them out in beauty contests. This will help you reach more people who’ll, in the long run, become your customers.

Step #7 – Replacing your business cards with promotional combos

Substitute your company’s business cards with unique branded combs and mirrors. Ensure that you always use them wherever you are going. For example, you can give them out during important business functions as well as in your daily business dealings with clients, important friends, and business associates. Replacing your business cards with promotional combos can yield amazing marketing results. People will get to know more about your products and services, enhancing your company’s image in the process. This unique promotional technique is capable of meriting the extra attention and will ultimately set your business apart from the crowded marketplace. Go for promotional logo combs today!

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Effective Marketing with Branded Logo Products

Effective Marketing with Branded Logo Products

Does your company have a tangible brand strategy?  A tangible brand will encourage the buyer, portray your firm’s credibility, convey your marketing message clearly, establish an emotional contact between your business and potential clients and also cement customer loyalty.
For your marketing efforts to be successful, it’s important that you choose the right brand and devise an ideal means through which you’ll entice both potential and prospective clients. Again, be sure to create reliable frameworks that will enable your brand to bring substantial value to the firm, clients, and employees. The following are essential steps to branding your business and success:

  • Discover your brand– Make sure that your brand is meaningful and beneficial to your customers. Buy using high quality logo products for your promotions and giveaways will increase your brand reputation. When you’re certain that what you’ve chosen is practical, go ahead and have your logo imprinted on the items.
  • Analyze your company’s marketplace– Undertake considerable evaluations on the marketing space in which your business operates and identify the opportunities available for your business. Know what your clients like most; so that you’re sure to strike their hearts with the right logo promotional giveaway item.
  • Give a clear definition to your desired brand– Try to figure out what you want your business to look like in the coming few years; what are your goals? For you to develop your brand, you really have to stipulate clear objectives. Great brands are based on relevance and realism. Your company’s success solely depends on how you appreciate your clients and how assiduously you deliver your business values, visions, passions, and strengths.
  • Position the customized products within a unique realm– Initiate an advanced mechanism that will assist your customers to easily navigate through your firm and select products that perfectly suit their demands. Establish your desired brand realm in a more systematic and organized manner since it portrays your brand’s identity, messages, and organizational aspects. Brand realm creates a reliable communication platform between the company and potential/prospective customers. It also depicts the services, business units and products that the company deals in. From which perspective do you wish your customers to view you?
  • Fully deliver your branded experience– Here, you have an exclusive option. How frequently you expose your brand can either strengthen or weaken your business, depending on how tactfully you blend it. Imprinting the products with uniquely designed logos, taglines or memos can greatly improve your marketing/advertising. Bear in mind that all employees are obliged to be stewards for your company’s new brand. The customer’s view about the brand will emanate from the engraved logos. Every client’s interaction is a perfect opportunity to supplement the brand.

    Having formulated your business’s branding strategy, you can start amalgamating it with your advertising and communications—all the things you do and who you are—then watch the effectuality and proficiency of your marketing exertions soar. With no doubt, logo products are an implausible way to foster your brand’s visibility; and eventually, increase your profitability.

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FREE promotion with promotional products

Many companies are seeking for strategies to boost their sales figures. And promotional gifts are so far the most reliable tools for achieving this. Offering something for free really motivates the customers. Many opt to utilize a range of promotional items to catch the attention of clients and gain profound loyalty with them. You can catapult your business through promotions.
When you give out free items, you will constantly have an exceptional business edge. These items will aid in promoting your products and the brand name as well. You will have your brands promoted aggressively into the competitive market. If you think that purchasing promotional products can be a nuisance to your budget, then you are on the wrong side.

89% of consumer’s can recall the name of the advertiser on the promotional product they received in the past 24 months

Affordable and Efficient: Such products are cost-effective. They serve as long-term investments. If you give out free items alongside your main brand, it will greatly complement your major brand in regards to popularity and significance.
Research has confirmed that those companies who fancy-free gift distributions enjoy incredible customer attention. This marketing strategy encourages fresh clients to patronize the business as well. For instance, if you own a travel enterprise, you can readily offer umbrellas or cameras to loyal customers. This will make them proud and contented with the amazing services and pledges you provide for them.
Convenient Way to Boost Profits: Promotional gifts are very popular nowadays. Most businesses prefer this approach to add on their profits. Hence, selecting the finest gifts needs critical decision-making and extensive research.
Giving away such precious products as an element of your marketing approach would greatly help cultivate an exceptional reputation for your enterprise. By offering quality products to your clients, you will instill a sense of trust and confidence in their minds
Even though massive innovations have existed for many years, the gift items you choose should fit your business’s genre and brand line. Branding the gift items with your company‘s identity would certainly give you significant returns. This will in turn help your business gain substantial market share.
Today’s technology allows you to engrave or imprint your corporate logo, slogan, contacts and name to the promotional product. And when your customers receive these gifts, they will get to see every detail about your business whenever they make use of them.
Silent Salespersons: Free promotional items can serve as silent marketers for you company’s brands. They assume all the talking and toddling for you and your business.
While devising your promotional items, bear in mind that they are a clear representation of your business’s image. Therefore, try to be inventive as much as possible. Many gift items exist in the current market; these include calendars, flash drives, and calculators, T-Shirts, baseball caps, fridge magnets and much more.
There are many suppliers/manufacturers that can provide you with guidelines for choosing the most convenient free promotional products for your business. They can as well offer you incredible discounts. Once you identify the right product, go ahead and purchase it. Don’t hesitate. They will certainly come in quite handy for you!

Most effective marketing tools for 2016

According to researchers, many marketers spend around fifteen hours every week undertaking routine tasks; management of email accounts taking up to 4 hours. This, of course, is too much. Meanwhile, gathering, organizing and evaluating marketing data obtained from diverse sources consumes an additional 3.5 hours/week. It is not worth it spending such valuable time performing repetitive tasks.

You might not have the capacity to cram additional hours into the week; however, you can minimize your marketing time by adopting appropriate marketing strategies. Try the following tools and be sure to strengthen your company’s productivity.
• Buzz-Sumo: Developing your content marketing with insufficient validation of proposals is just like writing in darkness. Improper considerations lead to gibberish outcomes that will never persuade or convert your customers. Conducting useful research can take some of your time, but in the long-run you won’t have to spend any of your work-time doing it over and over. Buzz-Sumo is an online marketing tool that helps you analyze the right content for every topic. It also informs you about your competitor firms and provides you with essential tips to piggyback onto that success.
This marketing tool is a must-have accessory. Its interface is clean and instinctive. And this speeds up productivity. Feel comfortable to explore their filters and back-link features to observe the kind of sites and competitors that constantly link back to the very same content you identify. This allows you to reach customers directly and be able to share your marketing content.
• Zemanta: This tool specializes in performance-oriented content marketing. You don’t have to worry about time; Zemanta fastens the process and provides perfect recommendations, in-text advertisements, and subsidized content.
Many content marketers spend a lot of resources tapping their contact information for campaigns, but don’t optimize on performance to examine what’s actually practical. This tool gives marketers the chance to monitor their internet campaigns. The application administers the entire process for you, right from graphics testing to tweaking of bids so that you are able to achieve all your objectives.
• Canva: This tool makes it possible for marketers to design unique graphics for their business. It is fit for media images, social productions, and white papers. Drag and plunge images, shapes, and backdrops to craft professional layouts. Not only do canvas tools boost productivity, they also increase profitability. Generating relevant, well-timed content is very important in internet marketing.
• Zapier: Trying to utilize every available marketing tool will ultimately crush your business. There are surely plenty of tools you may opt to toggle between in order to streamline your business’s content marketing, however, be certain to choose the most reliable. Zapier ensures that all your favorite web apps are used to refine the automated procedure with reduced follow-up.
• Skitch: Visual content marketing converts, though it could be quite time-consuming. Meanwhile, you can dramatically boost your conversions by incorporating additional visuals to your content. You shouldn’t spend many hours adding circles, arrows or graphics to exclaim data available in your content. Skitch simplifies all these for you. With this incredible tool, application of shapes, sketches and graphics is a breeze.

Why Customers Love Promotional Products

To be frank, who doesn’t love gifts? Getting something valuable at no cost is a fantastic idea that keeps on winning the hearts of many people. The recipient becomes so glad. And, this is what has prompted the inception of the promotional products strategy. These are motivational gifts/items that are distributed amongst a range of people who bear any relationship to the company, from target clients to the organization’s employees.
Although these are handy products that have great significance to everyone’s life, the cryptic implications that lie within this subtle tactic of advertising is not comprehended by many people. Product awareness is an amazing outcome of promotional gifts. Imprinting the company’s logo on the products spearheads recognition. The business’s popularity stretches superbly as it becomes visible to greater multitudes. Hence, it is a perfect approach to drawing new clients and develops your business.

“Promotional Products are great to attract new customer or brand building.”

Whilst customers are certainly impressed by free giveaways, these items work marvelously even when given to clients who indirectly help you to establish an excellent reputation in the commercial world. They bear a soundless effect that communicates your gratitude to the customers for their continuing corporation with them.
Again, employees feel appreciated when their company offers promotional gifts to them. It makes them feel that their services and efforts are valuable to the organization. For the working staff, you may utilize these gifts as a means of recognizing the better performance of certain employees. The rewarded individuals will then feel motivated and they will always be proud of the product. They will constantly want to portray the brand as their basis of achievement. Therefore, they would often exhibit them to others and maintain them in the market for centuries.
Not to state, the brilliant motivation heightening that it offers to employees is endless as well. In a restrained manner, this, in addition, boosts the loyalty of rewarded workers towards the organization. As for those who were not in a position to obtain the promotional gifts, this motivates them to better their performance for the purpose of earning the tribute of souvenir rewards themselves.
Not only are promotional gifts relevant to customers or employees, they also make perfect giveaways amongst your potential interest groups. No one hates to receive a free gift and this is exactly the same scenario for your target audience. When they acquire valuables at absolute zero costs, they will undoubtedly get pleased with your business. Such gracious products assist you to tactfully strike the bull’s eyes.
For whichever reason, promotional gifts are cherished by countless people. Any advertisement campaign without giveaways would just be meager of words. They work well when aided by free valuables that will give customers the assurance of realistic promises and not just a bunch of deceptive agitations. Promotional items will ultimately bond you with your employees and potential clients.
Be sure to give out promotional products at any trading conferences and earn your business considerable media attention. Hence, numerous benefits are guaranteed by the adoption of sufficiently handy giveaways for all corporate organizations.